domingo, 26 de junho de 2022

Conto e reconto o conto

Conto e reconto o conto
Que ninguém sabe contar,
Sendo ninguém ao olhar
Daqueles que afronto,
O incapaz e ignorante tonto
Que não podem ignorar.


I tell and retell the tale
That nobody knows how to tell,
Being nobody at the eyes
Of those I affront,
The inept and ignorant fool
They cannot ignore.

terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2022

Be aware and beware

Be aware and beware,
Because Time does not forgive,
Time does not forget,
And even the deceased,
With a whisper, will tell
That the Void beyond death
Is not Heaven, is not Hell,
But a condescending ocean
Where their spirit fell.